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Mental Health

All our GPs provide compassionate mental health care for our patients.  Mental health conditions are so common in the community but unfortunately are often not discussed and can go untreated for years.

A conversation about your mental health can change your life.  Every day we are talking to patients about depression, anxiety, grief and more.  We provide empathic care for what can be a difficult subject to discuss but once started we can guide you to better mental health.

We can provide diagnosis, treatment and support of mental health conditions.  We can also refer you for further treatment with psychology via a GP Mental health care plan.  If you require this please book a double appointment.

If you are in mental health crisis, such as having thoughts of self harm or suicide it is important to get help right now.  Within our opening hours you are welcome to call the practice and ask to speak to our nurse, who can arrange a doctor to see you immediately.

Other options include
Calling 000
Calling lifeline on 13 11 14
Calling Barwon health Mental health services on 1300 094 187

Please reach out to someone for help.


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