Concussion Management

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Concussion Management

What are the risks of concussion?

Concussion is a misunderstood condition that affects normal brain function and requires acute assessment and guided recovery. Concussion is a mild trauma to the brain that disturbs normal neurological and cognitive function. It is a dynamic condition with a variety of symptoms that can fluctuate in severity. Any suspected concussion requires medical attention. Most people recover from concussion within 7 to 10 days but there are risks.

A medical assessment following a suspected concussion is essential to rule out other more serious brain injuries. Once a concussion is assessed, symptoms such as poor concentration and slow reaction time can persist and delay recovery. Prolonged headaches and migraines are also a risk of concussion. Without a guided return to activity and recovery management, symptoms may persist for longer and the risk of a second concussion is heightened.

Uncertainty surrounds long-term consequences such as depression or dementia related conditions, so a conservative approach is required.

Concussion management for children and adolescents

Greater care is required to treat concussion in young people compared to adults. Symptom recovery may take longer than in adults and a more conservative return to activity is recommended. Children and adolescents must never return to play on the same day as a suspected concussion and a conservative return to sport is important.

We provide concussion assessment and management specifically tailored for young people. We are experienced and confident in dealing with concussion and have access to expert opinion via our Sports physician if required.

Acute concussion assessment

Initial management of a suspected concussion is best done by medical personnel and sports trainers who are able to attend the individual involved immediately after the incident. They can provide preliminary assessment and referral to emergency medical care to assess the severity of the injury and exclude other more serious brain related conditions. If concussion is suspected, do not return to play or any vigorous activity that day.


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