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  • Billing Policy – Please call reception on 5221 5044 for more information.
  • Booking Online Our appointment options may have changed under the current Covid-19 crisis. Please call reception on 5221 5044 for assistance
  • Care Plans TCA
  • Diabetic Care Plans
  • Health Assessments – Not currently available under the Covid-19 restrictions
  • Iron Infusions
  • IUD Insertion
  • Management of Personal Health Information
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Referrals
  • Reminders
  • Results
  • Skin Check Clinic
  • Skin Lesion
  • Spirometry
  • Ultrasound Guided CSI

Appointments can be booked via our reception staff or online.

If you are unable to find a suitable appointment online please call the practice as some appointments are not available online.

If there are no appointments available our nursing team can triage your condition and ensure you receive the care you require in an appropriate time


Billing Policy – Please call reception on 5221 5044 for more information.

For information on our billing policy for telehealth consultations please call reception on 5221 5044 as there may be changes involving Medicare rebates.

Newtown Medical Centre is a private billing clinic and fees are charged at the discretion of the treating doctor

Please see our current Fee list


Booking Online Our appointment options may have changed under the current Covid-19 crisis. Please call reception on 5221 5044 for assistance

Standard Consultations are booked for approximately 15 minutes. If you have multiple or complex issues please book a double appointment. The same gap payment applies to both standard and long consultation, but more time will be available to address your health needs.


Care Plans TCA

Your GP may recommend that you book in a ‘Care plan’ Appointment.
Care plans allow time outside your normal consultations to ensure we are best managing your chronic medical conditions. They are bulk billed to medicare with no out of pocket cost.

Patients are eligible if they have a medical condition lasting longer than 6 months. Common conditions include arthritis, osteoporosis, heart and lung disease, diabetes and many more.

Care plans are facilitated by our nursing team and include time with your GP, and they focus on aligning both the GP and your health goals so that we are all working together towards better health.

If you have allied health practitioners involved in the care of that condition, you will likely be eligible for a referral for 5 medicare funded allied health consultations (individual allied health determine if there is a gap with these consultations).

Speak to your GP or one of our staff to find out more.


Diabetic Care Plans

Your GP has recommended that you book in a ‘Diabetic Care plan’ Appointment. This is an appointment with our specially qualified diabetic nurse to best manage your diabetes.


Health Assessments – Not currently available under the Covid-19 restrictions

Did you know that anyone over the age of 75 is entitled to a free, yearly, comprehensive medical health assessment?


Iron Infusions

Your Doctor has asked that you have an iron infusion. You will have been given a prescription for Ferrinject…


IUD Insertion

Information regarding IUD insertions, pre-appointment information appointments, concerns & risks, costs…


Management of Personal Health Information

Access to Personal Health Information…


Repeat Prescriptions

We strongly encourage patients book an appointment for repeat prescriptions. Although it may see an inconvenience it is an important measure to ensure the best management for your health. On occasions this may be suitable to be booked for a Telehealth consultation, please check with our reception staff.

Prescriptions for addictive medications such as opiates, sleeping tables and authority prescriptions will require an appointment regardless.



Referrals to specialists from GPs are generally valid for 12 months. If you require a referral please arrange this via your GP appointment.

If you urgently require a referral for a specialist already involved in your care, and you are unable to see your GP you may access the quick clinic appointments via our reception staff.

Please let us know if an urgent referral is needed. We are unable to ‘back date’ any referral.



At Newtown Medical Centre we have a positive focus on preventative health care. We send a variety of reminders via text message. Please do not rely on our practice to send reminders, they are used to prompt preventative health care.



We strongly recommend making a follow up appointment to review your results with your GP. Most results return within 2-5 days to the practice.

If unable to make a follow up appointment please call our practice nurse for your results on 52215044. If our nurses are attending patients you will be asked to leave a message and they will return your call as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.

You may receive a phone call from our staff whilst awaiting your results to make an ‘urgent’ or ‘ non urgent’ appointment. This means your GP has reviewed your results and requires you to book an appointment to discuss.

If results that require immediate attention return we will try an contact you as soon as possible. This may necessitate calling your emergency contact.


Skin Check Clinic

Not currently available but if you have a suspicious skin lesion or any concerns please talk to your GP, they will be able to arrange for a check.

Monday evenings at Newtown Medical Centre. If you have: fair skin that can burn easily, previous episodes…


Skin Lesion

Your Doctor has asked you to book in to have a lesion removed. This may be: A shave biopsy or punch biopsy…



Your doctor has asked that you book in for spirometry, this will require about 1 hour of your time…


Ultrasound Guided CSI

Newtown Medical Centre offers ultrasound guided steroid injections on site…


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