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Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

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Whether you are planning an overseas trip for business, recreation or visiting family it is important to speak with your doctor early before you travel.  Don’t let illness spoil your well-earned holiday or risk your long-term health by being unprepared.

We can guide you on any health risks and subsequent vaccine recommendations that exist for your destination.  Travel vaccination may form part of this advice and we stock most commonly prescribed vaccines on site, which can be given on the day of your appointment. Vaccinations should be completed at least two weeks before travel (some up to six weeks).

Newtown Medical Centre is one of the few government accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centres in
Geelong.  Our doctors are experienced in providing travellers with precautionary advice to prevent contracting an infectious disease as a consequence of your travel.

It is important to bring along information on any prior vaccination history and your travel itinerary.

Travel immunisations include hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, rabies, typhoid, cholera and anti-malarial medication although we stock an even wider variety for your convenience.  If you are travelling outside Australia we recommend you consult our doctors prior to your trip.

We can also provided advice on common illnesses such as gastroenteritis and provide prescription for anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea medication.

It’s vital to be prepared while you’re visiting a foreign country.  Always ensure you have more than enough of your prescription medicine to see you through the entire trip.  We can annotate scripts to ensure a supply for the entirety of your travel.

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