Children’s Health

Comfortable visits to the doctor

Children’s Health

The doctors at Newtown Medical Centre are passionate about caring for the health of your children. We are lucky to see and treat kids of all ages every day and all our practitioners love seeing kids!!!

Please come and see us if you have any concerns regarding your childs health.  We manage acute illness such as fever, infections, rashes, cough and respiratory issues such as asthma, croup, bronchiolitis, or pneumonia.

We also perform baby checks, assess and track childhood development and admister childhood immunisations (including government and private immunisations available).  Skin issues such as eczema, rashes, skin lesions/ moles are commonly seen.

Really any concern with your childs health should start at your GP.  Have the confidence of a highly skilled doctor looking after your children.

We understand the importance of being seen quickly.  We either want to begin treatment or be able to reassure you that your child is ok.  We keep many on the day appointments available for this exact reason.  If we are booked out but you would like to be seen on the day our nurse will speak to you and arrange a time to see the doctor.  We also have a treatment room for emergency assessment and treatment.

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